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Exhaust Systems MS15


  • High performance exhaust system
  • Noise emissions in compliance with FIM regulations
  • Asymmetrical hexagonal design with thermal shield
  • Stainless steel, 0.8mm-thick tailpipe 
  • To learn about the increase in torque and power, select a model of motorbike. To find the weight of the full exhaust system, select a motorbike model.
The NONE motorbike exhaust system was developed with the highest quality materials and offers optimum efficiency by providing a logical balance between features and cost.
Our products are environmentally-friendly since noise emissions comply with FIM regulations.
Our exhaust systems, made in Europe, include our own designs and materials, such as:
  • An 0.8 mm-thick tailpipe made of high-density stainless steel and automated orbital welding in inert gas chamber for the tailpipes creates a light-weight assembly at a very competitive price.
  • Silencer made of aluminium , composite  and carbon fibre, including choke (db Killer). Pipes with 0.8 mm-thick stainless steel tailpipe decrease weight and increases performance.
  • Thermal shield prevents the titanium silencer and the carbon fibre hose clamps from overheating.

Our own exhaust geometry offers solutions for standard or enhanced motors.
NONE manufactures racing-class exhaust systems with excellent features with an innovative look at a reasonable price.
All of NONE´s racing-class exhaust systems were designed and developed in close collaboration with world-class competitive drivers, thanks to whom our products have evolved into a commercial model guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding users.
NONE exhaust systems were developed by the Research and Development on Derivados del Motor Team. With more than 40 years´ experience in the world of motorbike accessories, our company meets the highest demands of professional and amateur drivers alike.
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