Quad Accesories



Trapezium Main Characteristics:
  • Triangles manufactured in 25CrMo4.
  • +3.2" increase in original shock absorption distance.
  • 2+2" increase in track width.
  • The suspension becomes more sensitive and pleasant at low speeds, and faster and stronger at high speeds.
  • Reduction in brusque steering reactions.
  • Prevents bouncing in suspension and avoids skidding off-track.
  • Centres inertia better in complicated situations.
  • Improved absorption on uneven terrain.
  • Increased traction due to the elimination of negative inertia from the front of the vehicle.
  • Decreased driver fatigue.
  • Matches the benefits of a complete long-travel system without changing the original shock absorbers.
  • Better stability when braking hard.
  • Better steering control on curves in poor conditions.
The trapezium is the quad accessory that will give you better safety and control and reduce the tension that builds up due to constant bouncing. This new quad trapezium includes a linkage system, long used in rear wheel bodies for motorbikes and quads.
When this system is applied to the quad´s front wheel body, the inclination of the shock absorbers changes, and consequently so does the progressiveness of the hydraulic system. The result achieved is the dis-multiplication with a longer shock life.
We achieve a longer suspension distance by using the quad´s original shock absorbers. In the first section of the shocks, we see a pliant suspension ideal for broken ground over which the driver can manoeuvre more safely and without tiring. In the last section of the shocks, the suspension is stiff and responds safely to jolts.
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